Kids Classes

Does your child want to do Ninja?

Open to ages 5 – 14 years

At Stamford Ninja Academy we offer kid ninja classes for ages 5 (in kindergarten) through 14 years old. Ninjas will gain physical and mental strength through ninja obstacle training, all while having fun! Connect with our ninja facility in Stamford, CT, just a short drive from neighboring towns such as Darien, Norwalk, Westport, New Cannon and Greenwich, CT to learn more about our kids ninja classes.

Fall Semester 2023

Registration Begins 7/10/2023

9/5/2023 – 12/2/2023

(12 classes)

Winter Semester 2023- 2024

Registration Begins 10/30/2023

12/4/22 – 3/16/23

(12 classes)

Spring Semester 2024

Registration Begins 2/12/2024

3/18/24 – 6/17/24

(12 classes)

Summer Semester

Registration Begins  3/27/2023

Semester 1: 6/26/23 – 6/30/23, 7/10/23 – 7/28/23    Semester 2: 7/31/22 – 8/25/23

The Benefits

Experience the many benefits of ninja obstacle training:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • New friendships

Our obstacles and activities change every week to keep you challenged. Learn ninja obstacle training, perform course runs, and greatly increase your mental focus and sometimes meeting some of your favorite ninjas from TV!

Prices/Info & Discounts

Class Prices/Info

  • 12 one-hour classes – $528 per semester
  • Home School Ninja – $316.80 per semester
  • NO Registration fees EVER!
  • Tuition fees will be pro-rated from time of registration if you register late. Registration is NOT allowed for new students after the 4th week of each semester. Ninjas who have previously attended Stamford Ninja Academy can register with prorated fees anytime.
  • We do NOT offer trial classes, but we DO offer a FULL REFUND to all NEW students if they wish to withdraw within 24 hours after their second class offered after registration.
  • After registration, your card will be charged within 48 hours.  You DO NOT pay at time of registration.
  • If the class is FILLED please get put on the WAITING LIST (your card will NOT be charged) and I will contact you if I can find a spot.  You can also register for another class while on  the waiting list for another.
  • All classes are grouped by: 1. Experience 2. Ability & 3. Age

For Summer Semester, click here.


  • 10% off 2nd child & beyond
  • 10% off 2nd class & beyond per week – excludes summer semester
  • 40% off any Home School Classes


  • Shorts/sweats and a T-shirt – NO Hoodies or loose fitting tops.
  • Sneakers – Preferably soft rubber bottom SOLES – minimal tread. Must have laces.

We suggest for KIDS:

  1. New Balance  Kids 880 sneakers.
  2. New Balance Kids 2 way basketball sneaker
  3. STRIKE MVMNT- Chill Pill 
  4. Vans- Ultra Range EXO SE 

If you go to one of the following New Balance stores, tell them that the Stamford Ninja Academy sent you for a 10% discount. The staff will fit you perfectly for your child’s type of foot.

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Make-Up Classes

Makeup classes are scheduled through your PORTAL.  To see instructions, CLICK HERE

Each student is limited to 2 makeup classes during school year semesters and 1 makeup class during a summer semester. Makeups must be done within the semester they were missed. Makeup classes will be granted based on availability in the requested class and are the a guaranteed benefit.



Winter Registration Begins 10/30/23