• The next time we are CLOSED for regular classes is Monday, May 27th 

    Spring Semester began on 3/18/2024 and ends on 6/17/2024

    Summer enrollment began on 3/25/2024 & the Summer Semester begins on 6/26/2024.

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Make-Ups • Policies

Class Make-ups

Makeup classes are scheduled through your PORTAL.  To see instructions, CLICK HERE

Each student is limited to 2 makeup classes during school year semesters and 1 makeup class during a summer semester. Makeups must be done within the semester they were missed. Makeup classes will be granted based on availability in the requested class.

Rules & Policies

Stamford Ninja Academy Payment Policies

Payment will be processed in full once your registration is submitted. A payment schedule can be arranged by contacting the office via email, but full payment must be collected on or before the first day of class.

Registration Policy

Registration will open 5 weeks before the beginning of a new semester and are accepted on a first-come basis.


For New Students: Full refunds are available after the semester begins, up until 24 hours after the second class of the semester, if you decide that our ninja program is not right for you.
For Returning Students: Class fees are non-refundable and non-creditable once the semester has begun unless your spot can be replaced.
There are no refunds or credits for any situation that would cause your ninja to quarantine.
Mandated Closure:
If we are unable to schedule make-ups or make-up days sufficient to cover a mandated closure, then missed classes will be credited to your ninja account.
Credits: Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable outside of the immediate family.

Family and Multiple Class Discounts

Family and Multiple Class Discounts will be deducted from the lowest price class and calculated as follows:

  • 10% discount for second class/child & beyond within the same family.

Please note discounts are only applied within school semester classes and summer camps. Discounts are NOT offered for special events or summer classes or adult monthly rates.

Pro-rated Fees

Tuition will be prorated accordingly for late registration.

Returned Checks

A $40 fee will be charged to your account for any returned checks.

Class Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather, an email will be sent regarding closing and/or delays. Information will also be posted on the website. Additional makeup class requests will be granted if the class is cancelled. If a closing occurs within the last 2 weeks of a semester, a makeup class can be carried over to the next semester. Any Covid related cancellation refund/credit policies will be determined at the end of the cancellation.

Ninja Attire

Shorts, or sweats and a t-shirt. Hair must be secured to stay out of their face. All students MUST WEAR SNEAKERS WITH LACES!


Must be removed before entering class. This includes all earrings except for studs with safety backs, and bracelets of all kinds.

Other Gym Rules

  • No parents are allowed in the gym area (the matted area) except by invitation. If, at any time, you have a question or see something of concern to you, please speak to the office staff.
  • No gum chewing is allowed in the gym area.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the gym area.
  • All “booboo’s” must be completely covered by bandages.